To help instructors teach with Healthcare Finance, we’ve put together a collection of resources that we wish we had access to when we first started teaching this material. This page has a number of interactive widgets that allow students and instructors to play around with various analytics in real time and visualize the impact of changes in one set of parameters on quantities such as net present value, portfolio risk and reward, and other outputs. We’ve provided lecture videos and slides for all the lectures and recitations that we gave as part of 15.482 and related courses. Links to the textbook’s answer key and additional resources are also included. The errata (view here) list the known mistakes in the book. If you find any errors not included in this list, please send us a message using our contact form.

The Excel-based DCF model in Chapter 4 and the online case study from Chapter 11 can be downloaded below:

Chapter 4 Excel-Based DCF Model for Artemis Biotherapeutics
Chapter 11 Problem Set: Machine-Learning Models for Predicting Drug Approvals

  • Lecture Videos
  • Slides
  • Interactive Figures
  • Answer Key
  • Links

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